Partner Surveys the Forthright Way

May 01, 2019
Please take a moment and read through our Forthright explainer on the new partner survey experience. We're trying to cover the big changes below, but if you have any other questions, please reach out.

Survey length dictates survey reward: Partner Survey rewards are now based to expected survey length. Previously all surveys had a flat $2.00 reward. This was true of surveys that took 35 minutes and surveys that took 20 minutes. For longer surveys, you'll now get your fair share of the pie, which will often be more than $2.00. This change also unlocks shorter surveys which typically result in a better experience for the survey taker and can be fit in more regularly throughout your day.

You have the choice of survey now, spend your time how you want to: Prior to entering a survey, you'll be shown a screen with the expected length and reward value for the specific survey you are entering. If the survey is too long or the reward is too small for your liking, you can skip that survey. This gives you control, autonomy, and a better idea of what to expect for the duration of the survey. No more flying blind into partner survey after partner survey not knowing when it will end.

New survey code names help us help you: Each survey you enter into has a survey code name, displayed on the new start page mentioned above. If you have an issue with a survey, please take that survey code name and send it to us via email or any of our contact forms. With this information we'll know exactly what survey you had an error in and who to contact to look into it further.

Faster surveys, faster earnings: This update makes shorter surveys more available than ever. You can still earn up to $10 a day, but how you do that is up to you. The expected length of a survey directly correlates with the reward you earn. You still have the possibility of earning your $10 per day, you're just doing it at the pace you set.

We believe these changes can make partner surveys better for everyone. We are committed to making this experience easier and more accessible than ever.