Forthright (that's us) is committed to protecting the privacy of all our website visitors, registered members, and other research participants (collectively, "users"). Forthright conducts market research for leading companies across a variety of industries by administering online surveys, phone surveys, and other research projects. Our clients use the results of this research to better understand the attitudes, needs, and preferences of consumers regarding a variety of products and services. Users participating in our research projects influence the development and/or improvement of leading brands and services in a number of categories.

In order to maintain our reputation as a professional research provider, Forthright maintains the highest research standards in the industry. We take this responsibility very seriously and we strictly adhere to the following privacy policies. These policies apply to our website ( and any other web properties across our network through which we interact with users.

Forthright abides by the highest standards of Internet privacy, specifically:

  • We never intentionally "spam" users to seek their participation in surveys. We only send invitations to those we believe have signed up to receive such invitations.
  • Every user may "opt-out" of our survey panel and not be contacted again. An unsubscribe link is included in each email we send.
  • We never sell, share, rent, or otherwise intentionally transfer users’ personal information to our clients, other market research companies, or any other company or individual, without explicit permission from the user.
  • We maintain a high level of security to prevent outside parties from having access to information electronically transmitted to us by users.
  • In addition, we never market or advertise products or services to our users. All communications to users relate to research activities and/or the maintenance of their member account.

What information does Forthright collect from users and how is it used?

There are two types of information that Forthright collects from users: member profile information and responses to survey questions, as described below.

Member Profile Information

In order to facilitate users' participation in surveys and other research activities, Forthright collects certain information from users including contact information such as email address and phone number. This information is retained within a user’s member profile.

Member profile information also includes usage data such as which pages users visit on our website and which surveys users start or complete as well as device data such as IP address and cookies. This usage and device data are used to track and understand users' interactions with our network and to customize the user experience.

In addition, certain basic demographic attributes of users collected during the course of surveys will be added to users' member profiles in order to prequalify users for future research opportunities. This information includes age, gender, and zip code, among other demographic variables.

Survey Responses

Forthright conducts a variety of market research surveys and opinion polls for the purpose of providing clients insightful information about their current and prospective customers, public opinions, and/or information about the marketplace in general. These surveys may ask for information including but not limited to the behaviors, attitudes, needs, and preferences of users. For each survey, the responses of all users are combined and study results are analyzed and reported to clients, the sponsors of the research, in aggregate or according to groups rather than individual users.

Some surveys may ask for sensitive information (e.g. personal information specifying health conditions, race or ethnicity, political affiliation, religious or philosophical beliefs, etc.). This information collected in our surveys remains anonymous and will never be connected with individual users or users’ contact information when passed to clients or research partners without users’ prior consent.

The identity of users will never be revealed unless the user has given Forthright explicit permission. Some surveys may include an option for users to be contacted by the sponsoring company; in which case the contact information for those users who have elected to be contacted will be shared with the appropriate parties. Users who have won a sweepstakes or drawing associated with some studies may also have their contact information shared for the purposes of distributing the prize.


Due to the special attention needed to protect the privacy of children on the Internet, Forthright provides the following privacy policies for children. These policies apply to children in addition to all other policies outlined in this Privacy Statement.

Forthright takes special care to safeguard the privacy of children. We do not seek to collect individually identifiable information from children under 13 years of age. We fully comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) as guided by the Federal Trade Commission.

Forthright may occasionally request users who are parents or guardians to participate in research activities with their children and we collect consent when doing so. We never knowingly invite children under the age of 13 to participate in research studies without taking measures to ensure appropriate parental consent. Users that consent to the participation of their child will be requested to facilitate the research process with the child rather than providing Forthright with the child’s direct contact information.

Users that have previously provided consent for their children’s participation in research activities with Forthright may revoke their consent at any time by contacting [email protected].

Changes to the Privacy Statement

We reserve the right to update this Privacy Statement from time to time by posting an amended version of the statement to the Forthright website ( Please refer to this policy regularly.

Last modified: 1/19/2015

Forthright takes great pride in our commitment to these privacy policies. If anything is unclear or you have any other questions related to these policies, please e-mail us at [email protected].

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