How Your Impact Makes Business Better

Oct 18, 2019

B2B companies need feedback too. As a valued professional, the products you use to get the job done, your experience, and your expertise make you an important part of the research process.

Businesses will take this information and make big (and small) decisions ranging from user experience tweaks to pivoting their entire product to best suit the needs of you and others in your profession. Often just by using a platform or piece of software, you are giving indirect feedback back to these businesses. Without the direct feedback you are able to offer with your opinions, your needs and voice will be left out of the conversation. Forthright will amplify your voice and give you a direct (and anonymous) line to the products and services that will optimize and improve your work life.

By collecting opinions and data from a wide variety of professionals, businesses are best suited to meet the needs of you and others like you. Whether you are an electrician, a lawyer, a landscaper, or an office worker, you use tools to get the job done. Without them, you'll have to work a lot harder to produce the same results. We don't want that. We want you to work easier and still produce more. Let's make business better together.