Changes are coming to Forthright Rewards

Nov 30, 2018

Starting on Friday, November 30, 2018 all survey and loyalty rewards will be automatically added to your Forthright bank. We're doing this for a couple reasons.

First, it will simplify the end-of-survey experience. With a less complicated end page, we're expecting less errors and more satisfaction. You won't miss any rewards if you don't claim or are unable to claim your hard earned rewards. They'll be safe and sound in your Forthright bank waiting for you, ready to be redeemed and instantly rewarded.

Second, if you earned a survey reward and a loyalty bonus at the same time, you would have to submit the reward claim form twice. We often found Forthrighters were missing out on rewards they earned. This should put an end to that..

All rewards for validated members and all loyalty bonuses will still be paid instantly (#paidinstantly). Don't worry - that isn't going anywhere.