How Forthright is different

Jul 11, 2017

From the beginning, we were all in on being the best survey panel around. Offering rewards with real cash values instead of points seemed like a start. On top of that, we’d send them to you instantly – no waiting and no having to build up a balance.

With that out of the way, we shifted our focus on to the two other aspects within our control: technology and user experience. While other survey panels are putting up barriers for you to get your rewards or are forcing you to bend to their practices, we continue to make things easy for you. Rewards are instant, the focus is on you, and we're always open to your feedback.

On the technology side, we wanted to do what we could to make things easy and convenient for members. With our simple and instant rewards system already in place, we focused on a mobile-friendly, mobile-first strategy. Our website and our Forthright surveys are optimized for mobile. We know you’re busy (or maybe you just like to relax on the sofa), so giving Forthrighters the option of device to take them on was a perfect fit. Since we focused on mobile, we had to have the option for you to opt in to text message notifications for opportunities. By sending text notifications, we hope you never miss a survey (unless you want to).

We wanted to make things easy for you to participate too. That’s why our focus on user experience helps eliminate any barriers to participation. Instead of having you log in and check your account daily for any available opportunities, we send them to you directly. Instead of another point system for you to remember the values of, we reward you in real dollars. And if you ever have an issue, we encourage you to send us a note. We’ll do the best we can to respond and resolve the issue. If you don't have a specific issue, but either a question, comment, or criticism, we'll listen to that too. We don't have all the answers, but together maybe we do.