Our Reward Options

Jul 09, 2017

Earn a reward each and every time you fully qualify and complete a survey. You'll also receive loyalty credits for finishing certain surveys. After earning three loyalty credits, you'll receive a Loyalty Bonus – bonuses are delivered to everyone instantly. It's our little way of saying thanks.

Choose from the reward options listed below. Each reward will be sent directly to the email address you request. Validated members receive their reward payment instantly after completing a survey.

PayPal: A service that allows you to both send and receive payments digitally. You're also able to make payments to online retailers and transfer money to and from your linked credit card or bank account.

Amazon: The largest online retailer in the world offers something for everyone. Amazon is constantly expanding into more and more markets and products.

Tango Card: The reward that gives you choice! You can spend your Tango Card balance on any number of gift cards from dozens of options. Take a look at all the redemption options here.

Bitcoin (via Coinbase): The most popular cryptocurrency out there. Transactions are generally secure and anonymous. Coinbase is a digital currency wallet that lets you buy and sell digital currencies, like Bitcoin.