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Calling Out to All Seniors! Market Research Requires Your Unique Perspective

Apr 28, 2022
Despite the pandemic's eased restrictions, senior citizens continue to be the most vulnerable. A Statista article by Jenny Yang shares that "while cases of COVID-19 are equally spread throughout the population, hospitalizations and deaths have hit the older population hardest". Yang continues by stating that "as of January 2022, 93.3 percent of total COVID-19 deaths in the U.S are among adults aged 50 and older".

Forthright, like many research companies, are aware of the difficulties for employment nowadays given concerns in the workplace. If you are a senior citizen or retiree looking to make money online, Forthright is your go-to site to complement your income by filling out surveys for cash. Even if you just would like to work because it makes you feel better socially or emotionally, the opportunity to work is open for all.

Although many senior citizens may find filling surveys online a little skeptical, research companies like Forthright have plenty of surveys targeted specifically for citizens over 60 or more. There may be many companies that offer surveys for money, but you can count on the Forthright community for its reliability and transparency when it comes to rewards. Our rewards are immediate and you get paid cash or credit on popular digital currencies (Pay-Pal or Bitcoin) and gift cards (Amazon, Tango Card etc).

In this article, we'll explore the benefits of joining our Forthright community as a senior citizen, and many activities you could do anonymously and right from the comfort of your home, or on-the-go if you wish.

You Are Valuable to the Market!

As a retiree, your input in market research is required. A younger audience is always part of research, but a senior citizen's perspective is even more valued for the experience this audience may have to a particular line of work or background.

We understand that having a job these days can be difficult if you are recently retired or transportation is a struggle. A SurveyCrest article writes that "vision impairments, low cognitive function and shaky hands are just some of the issues old age brings along". These should't be reasons to feel like you can't belong to a community online that supplements your cash flow by simply taking surveys online.

Real Opinions, Better Data: A Safe Place to Share

With a wider range of demographics, the market is better able to study what kinds of services or products are better suited for audiences. Therefore, your voice is also valuable in any market. Your age and health matters to market research companies; we want to know more from you!

Not only is it practical to take part in market research surveys, you can also benefit from our anonymity as a service. We will never provide any information to any outside sources (unless we contact you for this specific purpose) or share any of your personal information. Your name and involvement with our projects is confidential.

Our clients require transparency from us and we value this as well as a market research company. Therefore, it's our responsibility to make our users feel safe on our platform, but also empower you to make an impact. You can rest assured all your answers are kept safe and private.

Mental Health post COVID-19

It would be inexcusable to consider the aspect of mental health in the past two years given the pandemic. It's expected with many hours indoors and unable to see relatives that senior citizens will feel the impact of staying too much time inside.

Now more than ever, senior citizens should see the benefits of keeping their minds sharp by filling out surveys online. Many of these benefits include: making money from home, the opportunity to get paid multiple times a week, depending on how much effort you put into taking surveys, and the fact that you receive your money instantly.

With the aid of technology, there's no just sitting around at home waiting for something to do. You can do even that (if you want to), relaxing at home but earning money by setting time aside for surveys.. This can be more than just a task, you can enjoy the survey taking process the more you share about yourself. So make sure to make a commitment to provide detailed and honest responses.

Get Valuable Input on Health Research

As you continue to provide real and accurate information about yourself, you will have greater opportunities to get cash. Our market research team picks out respondents on behalf of the responses we receive, to get you involved in the spaces that need your opinion the most. This makes our panel stand out, for its diverse background and feedback from their own areas of expertise.

For example, imagine that you have personal experience with a past health concern or job experience, such knowledge can be put to use in the strengthening of these services and experiences.

In health research, the opinion of senior citizens is truly valued and is never regarded as secondary or inferior, in any way or form. Experience and honest feedback is recognized at Forthright, and that's why you are rewarded every time you take part.

Keep Your Mind Sharp with Forthright!

Using our Forthright member account, you can stay up to date with the latest surveys, find out about new trends in the market, all while helping others get better services.

Think of it like you are the link that keeps services most updated and up to par with client expectations and considerations. Not everyone has the time to document what they think about a service, so why not take the time to do it and get paid for it?

If you are interested in joining our community, you can create your account now at any time. Let your friends know about this opportunity to earn cash on the side, making it easier to shop online as you see fit and all with the power of your own voice and opinions.